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10th SCIENCE Free Downloadable Notes Topics/Content


Carbon and its Compounds
X Class Chemistry : Carbon and its Compounds | Covalent Bond, Ionic, Covalent Compounds, Organic Compounds, Alkynes, Ethanol, Natural Rubber, Vulcanized Rubber, Neoprene, Soaps and Detergents
Acids, Bases and Salts
X Class Chemistry: Acids, Bases and Salts | Organic, Inorganic Acids, Importance of PH In Everyday Life, Classification of Acid, Salts, Classification, Characteristic of Bases
Metals and Non Metals
X Class Chemistry: Metals and Non Metals | Elements, Electrical, Thermal Conductivity, Sonority, Density, Reaction with Water, Oxygen, Acid, Metal Salts, Bond Formation, Metallurgy
Periodic Classification of Elements 
X Chemistry: Periodic Classification of Elements | Class 10th, Chemistry, Newland’s Law of Octaves, Modern Periodic Table, Mendeleev’s Periodic Table


Our Environment
X Class Biology : Our Environment | Waste, Type of Pollutants, Biodegradable, Non-Biodegradable Wastes, Eco System, Organisms, Food Chain, Characteristics of Food Chain, Ozone Layer


Magnetic Effect of Current
X Class Physics : Magnetic Effect of Current | Magnetic Field, Magnetic Equator, Solenoid, Electromagnet, Bar Magnet, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, D.C Motor, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, Electromagnetic Induction, Induced Potential Difference, Induced Current, Fleming’s Right Hand Rule, Direct Current, Faraday’s Rotation Excrement
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