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Alcohols Phenols and Ethers
XII Class Chemistry : Alcohols Phenols and Ethers | Classification of Alcohol, Phenol, Methods of Preparation of Alcohols, Schotten Baumann Reaction, Mind Map of Reactions, Friedal Craft Alkylation, Coupling Reaction, Lucas Test, Victor Meyer Test, Iodoform Test, Dehydration, Williamson Synthesis, Physical Properties of Ether
Chemistry in Everyday Life
XII Chemistry : Chemistry in Everyday Life | Chemotherapy, Drug or Medicines, Drug Targets, Drug Metabolism, Classification of Drugs, Drug Target Interaction, Classification of Medicines, Chemicals in food, Surfactants, Soap, Saponification, Synthetic Detergents
XII Chemistry : Amines | Amine Inversion, Physical Properties, Main Tests, Important conversions, Preparation of Amines, Reactions of Aliphatic Amines, Reactions of Aromatic Amines, Hofman’s Ammonolysis Method, Schotten Baumann Reaction
Solid State
XII Chemistry: Solid State, Crystalline, Amorphous, Isotropic, Polar, Non-Polar, Hydrogen Bounded, Centred Unit Cell, Defects in Solids, Magnetic Properties of Solids, Conduction of Electricity in Solids, Stoichiometric, Non-Stoichiometric, Impurity, Magnetic Properties, Electric Properties
XII Chemistry: Solutions, Colligative Properties, Molarity, Molality, Normality, Abnormal Mole Function, Mass Effect of Temperature,  Effect of  Pressure,  Vapour,  Result’s Law, Henry’s  Law
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